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Aug 7 12 1:19 PM

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We want to invite you to Simracers GT Season 1, which started on 26.07.2012 on Watkins Glen circuit. Now we are before the second run on A1-Ring, this Thursday 09.08.2012.

Watkins Glen
Silverstone 2008
Adelaide 1988
Interlagos (modern)

Mod download on the main site, in the proper module.

Season's details here (rules, settings, tracks).


Race Frequency: every 2 weeks, see detailed race schedule on the main site
Number of rounds: 6
Server password: published before the race via e-mail and on forum
Mod: FIA GT3 2010 by Sandrox and gpfan DOWNLOAD HERE
Handicapping: none
Parc ferme: none
Fuel Usage: 1x
Tyre Wear: 4x
Mechanical Failures: normal
Flag Rules: Black only
Aids Allowed: Auto Clutch
Qualifying: unlimited number of laps, no setup lock
Start Type: formation lap / standing
Race Time of Day: 2:00 PM
Race Time Scale: 6x
Race Length: 150 km (number of laps depends on track length)
Pit Stops: at driver's discretion
Server Info:
Car Type: free car choice for every race
Damage Level: 100%
Race Participation: Only drivers who drove at least 25 laps online before the each event can take part in the official race in the normal way. Lack of the required laps will be penalised by starting from the pitlane. The number of laps will be checked in the race day at 18:00 CET and the appropriate information about it will be visible on the website in the event thread.


Practice: 19:00 CET - 120 minutes
Qualifying: 21:00 CET - 10 minutes
Warm Up: 21:10 CET - 5 minutes
Race: 21:15 CET


1 - 40 pt
2 - 32 pt
3 - 26 pt
4 - 22 pt
5 - 20 pt
6 - 18 pt
7 - 16 pt
8 - 14 pt
9 - 12 pt
10- 11 pt
11- 10 pt
12- 9 pt
13- 8 pt
14 - 7 pt
15 - 6 pt
16 - 5 pt
17 - 4 pt
18 - 3 pt
19 - 2 pt
20 - 1 pt
Drivers score when they are within 80% of race distance.


Keeping the car on track
Drivers are required to keep the car on the track. To avoid any doubt:
- area between white lines is the track and the curbs behind the white lines are not the track
- a driver is off the track if 3 of his wheels are not between the white lines

Manouvers impeding other drivers from overtaking like multiple racing line change to defent the position, driving off track on purpous or other abnormal behaviour is prohibited. If the attacker (the driver behind targeting to overtake) manages to get his front axle on the same level as the rear axle of the defender, the defender is obliged to drive 2-wide and leave space for the attacker. It is allowed to defend your racing line but it must be done before the braking zone and the defenders car must be totally in front of the atackers car.
If the attacker points that he will overtake by showing himself in the mirrors it is advised to the defender to leave space in the curve for him. Blocking the racing line and colliding with the attacker will be the fault of the defender if in the moment of collision the front axle of the attacker is on the same level as the rear axle of the defender, and the speed difference will show that the overtaking maneuver would be successful.

Yellow Flag
It is the signal of danger meaning: "slow down, do not overtake, be ready to change racing line, there's danger on the track or near it". It is not allowed to overtake under yellow flag so if an incident occurs on the track and a driver is slowing down to avoid it, it is prohibited to overtake him untill the next corner.

Blue Flag
Normally this flag is shown to a lapped driver. The driver presented with the blue flag must allow the car behind to overtake in the nearest occasion (4 corners distance). A good practice is to go off the best line and blink with lights to indicate that the driver behind should pass. It is not advised to brake or other unsignaled maneuvers.

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