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Aug 8 12 10:14 AM

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Could it be even remotely possible that Challenger's tyres has too low grip. Because I today tried to run 10 lap race in Interlagos '79with other cars in that A4-class and all other cars went like aliens. Fastest lap was about 15secs faster than me - AI @90%. Even if I set AI to 70% Challenger is very very very hard work to keep up with others. Then I set AI to drive my car and studied what speeds it can take corners. It was about 20kph faster that I could manage.

Then I tried same at Nordschleife - with other cars from A4-class and AI @70% - and it was still almost impossible to keep up with others.

Changed car to Firebird and still opponents and AI strengt was as before and with Firebird it needed no effort at all to go by all others, just like sunday driving.

So, what gives? Maybe Challenger is in wrong class, maybe I'm lazy and don't practise enough. OR those tyres?

I love that mod. Always have. And I like challenge but that's ridiculously huge pile of effort to put into driving. Even to keep up with others at lowest AI strenght.

Regards, TL
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Aug 12 12 4:29 PM

As far as I remember the Challenger is not as fast as the Firebird or other cars also present in the A4 class. I think the Firebird was the fastest of that class, BTW.

Anyway, I guess some of the guys in the team with more physics understanding of that car may answer this with more detail


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Aug 13 12 11:43 AM

We are looking at the physics of the Challenger to try to make it a bit more competitive.

You can make some changes to the setup and make the car faster with ease as well, give it a try meanwhile ;)

"Do the suspension adjustable and they will adjust it wrong." - Colin Chapman

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Aug 13 12 1:02 PM

Week ago we had friendly online race on Eastern Creek laser with T/A cars and I didn`t notice any problem with challenger except that I was few clicks slower on straight against cudas (225 against 228 without overshooting braking point) and lap times was good enough to have bumper to bumper fight for all 5 laps ... my friends likes more short races rather than one long.

Not sure is it really necessary intervention in physics but if Yoshi thinks so, who am I to tell otherwise ...

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