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Aug 10 12 7:01 PM

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There is strange behaviour when I try to change gear ratios. Initially 4th gear is the same as 3rd, but I can lengthen it. When changing other ratios it only shows the change after a couple of clicks, which is clearly not ideal.

I'm not sure if I'm explaining this properly but someone who understands how the system works can probably find a simple solution.
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Aug 11 12 12:44 PM


I moved the thread to its correct subforum.

Yes, one of the gear files must have slipped our minds when doing the 1.95 patch. It has already been noted down to be corrected ;)

Thank you!

"Do the suspension adjustable and they will adjust it wrong." - Colin Chapman

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Dec 21 12 11:07 AM

It was in order to use the Healey for our Championship beginning next February, another thing is that the final gear is a little short for some track like mid ohio.

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