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Sep 20 12 7:05 PM

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It's not so much a complaint, but a question. Both 250 GTO and 275 GTB/4 are in A3 class. from what I understand the newer model 275 more or less replaced 250 and the Aluminium version has been produced so that privateers could go racing. According to the mod it's slightly heavier but slightly more powerful than the 250. However when I compared them on the track the 275 turned out to be 6+ seconds slower at (modern) Spa! There's nothing wrong with the balance or handling. But it's just not having anywhere near the grip of 250. Why? Aren't '66 tires supposed to be better that '63, or at least close, even considering that the ones on the 250 could be more competition oriented? There are early 60-s muscle cars in the mod that seem to have better rubber on them. Certainly Ferrari 275 GTB GTTC-A3 isn't a match to Shelby GT350 GTTC-A2 on any circuit (except 60-s Le Mans maybe), although it's supposed to be a class higher.

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Sep 21 12 1:43 AM

Their performance differences comes mainly come from the fact that I used wider rubber (with the same "manufacturer") on the 250 GTO, giving it an edge on grip. This was done because it was the tire size that I found while researching for both vehicles.

And also, I always had on the back of my mind that although the 275 was a more modern natural evolution of the 250, the 250 was always more the racer whereas the 275 more of a grand tourer.

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