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Oct 31 12 11:42 AM

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On this topic, you will find a true gold mine about the Targa Florio history and in this page some pictures about the offical Alpine cars for this race.

There is a lot of pictures for a lot of cars too, to be check

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Nov 6 13 12:02 PM

A great result for Ragnotti in rally with a always great A110 1800Gr4, this car has not been world champion for nothing :)

Joël Maraine and it’s team from the ASA Hérault had the good idea to put VHC cars in the front of modern rally cars with only one schedule for the 2 categories.

Spectators have got the surprise to see coming the Berlinette A110 white and red ("Assistance mondiale" original colors from Bob Wollek at MonteCarlo rally, Ragnotti drive its car since he died at Sebring in 2003) wearing the number 250 driven by the master Jean Ragnotti.
If he has been nicknamed “Jeannot l’Alpin” it is not for nothing… He never got a lot of success in Cevenes at the contrary of other mountain rally’s “In 40 years of rallies, I go through the Cevennes in all directions between the Ronde Cevenole, the Criterium, the Tour Auto… But I have never won.” So he should have wait 2013 to add this mythical classic to its Huge Palmaris.

“It was the first time than we raced this classic” said Francis Mercier, navigator and owner of the A110 1800Gr4. “Jeannot and I are racing together since the beginning of 2000’s in different rallies whose the Tour Auto”
Always joking, Jeannot do honor to this category, making the day of everybody. But, overall, he don’t have lost anything from its top speed (69 years old).
“I’ve done my last official rally in 1996 with Renault Sport (Megane Maxi) and I came back here only one time in 2003 like opening driver, without notes and radio”
With a time of 2h29’58” Jeannot got the 12th best time in ES9 and if all cars taken into account (modern and classic) he would be classed 20th at scratch just before the winner of Opel Adam Rally cup

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