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Nov 17 12 11:32 AM

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Hi Historx team,
I would like to have your point of view concerning the choice of configuring headlights in .gen with the parameter Dyn set to false in HGTTC mod. I know that it reduce the use of GPU ressources but i dont understantd why Dyn is not set to true as the driver can edit his .PLR file and set Max Headlights to 0 in order to limit GPU ressources too. It can permit for drivers with a good GPU setup to have nice headlights effects and the low GPU can set a parameter to play with the mod. Is there something that i miss with those parameters?
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Nov 18 12 4:16 PM

Simbin's GTL cars do weird things, i mean they look quite strange, with some errors under dynamic lights.

you can set it to "true" if you want, if you use tools like Notepad++ you can edit one line, to all .gens, in only one time.


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Nov 19 12 11:09 AM

Thanks for explanations Gonzas.
Is that true for all GTL cars? I'm going to test some of those cars, can you tell me more about the weird things? is that only on the cars or does it impact environment too?

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