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Nov 28 12 3:22 AM

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Hi, many thanks for your help so far, I have afresh rFactor install,I put in 1.9 and it runs the rFactor interface and the Historix are on menu but dont show in garage (and dont work of course). In desperation I install 1.95 and I get the first screen (lovely red Porsche!) but the 2nd screen freezes and the message is could not load "b_zonesooo.tga". It looks so good (the red porsche) so please can someone tell me how to get there.
Best wishes Roverbrm
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Nov 28 12 1:03 PM

Hi Roberbrm,

looks like a mod installation problem to me. Did you check the manual and followed the standalone installation process? Verify you have enough disc space in your OS temp folder and all the other stuff explained in the manual.

First install 1.9 and check everthing works right. Then upgrade to 1.95. If the first doesn't work the second won't ever, as it's not a full version but an update.


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