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Dec 9 12 3:17 AM

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How do I install HGTTC with a steam version of GTL ??

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Dec 14 12 10:23 AM


the current version of the mod (1.95) is not able to detect the GTL version of Steam (as it was released before Simbin released the game on Steam).

You may need to wait for the upcoming new version of the mod (1.96) for rF1, which due to personal reasons is being delayed more than we expected.

I'll contact you through personal messages in any case, to see if we can find a workaround in the meanwhile.


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Dec 15 12 1:38 AM

Hi there,

thanks for the quick answer over facebook. So here I am .
Just activated GTL over steam but as the guys before me need some help.

Thanks in advance.


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Dec 24 12 11:10 PM

Steam's GTL install problem

yeah, I also have a problem with the Steam's version. I cant install.
today I bought it and I cant wait to play with this ace mode, so please send me the solution
thanks in advance!

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Dec 28 12 6:42 PM

Hey there

I also just bought GT Legends on steam a stunning £2.25 what a bargain but only really got it to play your mod,is there a fix for steam versions.Thanks.

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Dec 29 12 3:48 AM

just bought the steam version, looking forward to a workaround so i can play this beautiful mod.

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