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Jan 23 13 9:40 AM

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Hi all,

forumer, the host of this forum has decided to migrate all forums to a new platform. This will basically means that the forum engine is going to be changed, but even more important, is going to change the forum URL from to

We always recommend using the URL to access our forum, as it will always forward you to our forum, but in the case you use the direct forum URL you'll have to change it when the forum is finally migrated.

Please note also that all passwords will be changed after the migration. You'll receive an email with the new password once the forum is migrated. A downtime of approximately 15 min. is expected during the migration process.

At this moment Forumer hasn't informed about when this migration is going to be done, but if they ever give us such information we'll let you know as soon as we receive such details.

Sorry for the inconveniences.

Kindest regards
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