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Mar 1 13 3:33 PM

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My favourite car has lost 20mph from it's top speed - 150mph instead of 170mph.  I have fixed it for now by swapping in a more powerful engine ( mismatches aren't an issue because I don't race online - I'm too slow for that )  - but it deserves proper physics from an expert image

The steering problem it has always had on bumpy tracks seems the same or even worse - it feels like the front wheels are very badly out of balance...
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Mar 11 13 9:30 PM

Oh, hi there, mate! Yeah, well this was what Niels considered it had to be the car's top speed and to be honest, with a 2l engine I don't think it should go any faster (if not slower!!)

We are pretty much done doing changes to the cars at this point. We are trying to gather up some time to release the last ever patch for rF1 and move on to other things.

Enjoy :)

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