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Mar 11 13 4:13 PM

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Hi men,

I recently raced on 70 Nordschleife and ALL the Alfas 2.0 driven by AI roll over when hitting curbs, tipically more than 5 times per lap !!

I have to exclude them from the list of opponents so that no incidents are caused.

It's a pity not to have them in a wonderful 40+ starter grid but they often force safety car to enter. Maybe it can be fixed.

Thanks for advise

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Mar 11 13 9:31 PM

Unfortunately, some AI files make the cars go over kerbs, and with the simplified physics model these cars have on the AI, can lead to some of these problems.

I'm sorry but I don't think there's much point in changing it at this time, as you have found a solution for it and making physics changes for one single track is not worthy at all for us.

Thanks for the heads up though!

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Mar 12 13 12:51 PM

Thanks 4 answering Yoshimura,

I thought it was useful since maybe old 70 tracks are the best looking tracks to race with the old car offered in your mod, and nordschleife is the must. But No problem, I can obviously see your point.

Anyway your answer suggested me a question about the physics modelling that works behind your mod (or generally behind rfactor):
with the same car model (same race number) fixed, does the physics of an AI-driven car differ from the physics of a car driven by real player?

I ask this because I wanted to test a setup for a car on a long track that I dont know at all. 
And to let AI drive to see if lap times improved after changes were made, so that I could learn the track with a better setup.
Problem is AI does not seem so setup-sensible, it feels gear ratios but not suspensions adjustment as much.

I know I'm goin OT but I wait for your kind answer as to understand how to best enjoy your wonderful job.


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Mar 13 13 1:50 AM

Yes, as I said, AI uses a simplified car model, so even though hp and gear ratios affect in a direct manner to AI, suspension setup changes do not necessarily affect in the same way.

Thanks for the praise and understanding and hope you keep enjoying the mod.

PS: the 70 Nordschleife is based on the GPL one and although it's pretty good for it's time, it's not really up there with current standards. Not a single one of the current Nurbys are 100% realistic, but there are more accurate versions like the GTR-EVO if you can get the ripped conversion... Not that I support that, of course, but I've tried it and it's the "least different" I've seen compared to my own Nordschleife experience :)

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