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Mar 19 13 1:18 PM

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I worked few year agro on GTL, I replaced gauges & Tach, door panels on GT350.
I saved those files.
Can I use those for Rfactor ???

If no, how to work on interior ?
I worked on the DSS for the Mustang (put the real doord panel and bezel) but how to edit the gauges etc... ?
I can't found the file to do the same thing on GT350 ????... Bored

Thank you,

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Mar 22 13 9:25 AM

You can't really use GTL files in rFactor. But they are pretty similar (both use almost the same game engine). I suggest you to check rFactor's and compare them. You'll see you won't need to change a lot of things to make them work in rF.

The gauges are usually .dds files are and usually compressed inside one of the .mas files of the car. Just uncompress GT350's one and take a look inside.


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