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Apr 26 13 12:53 PM

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Hello gentlemen, and first off - oh my god! This new forum engine/interface is terrible. I've been writing this topic for 4-5 times and since I have lot to explain and show, I wanted to put some images and links, and this interface ruined all the message, by doing that. Hopefully this time i will get lucky....

I've got a WIP model of my favorite corvette - late C3 with rear hatch and new bumpers. And since there were lots of them, racing in Trans Am/SCCA club races back in 80s, I think it will be very nice addition to HistorX mod.
I've been working on a new track for 4-5 weeks, and it's nearly finished now, and for this track I wanted to do my own trackside vehicles.
And when it was a Corvette turn, I took it too seriously :P
This is what I've got so far, keep in mind it's still simplified draft model for trackside vehicle. But when I finish the track I'll get back to this model, fix some proportions, and add more details, like air intakes, window frames, new cockpit, wheels etc.
The model is scratch-made, but the mesh resolution is similar to Simbin/HistorX vette and I wanna keep it this way.
I found that the blueprints of this car you can find on the web, are a bit off in the proportions. I've analyzed the blueprints and looked at 3D models made from them, and they differ form the photos and die cast, so I've compromised between the blueprints, photos, and my own feel of this car.

This is a regular body version, I will also make the wide-body version like this:!i=896636168&k=kMX7wHd

So far I've got 2 problems: I can do the ambient occulsion baking, but I've never tried to do seamless unwrap for the car before. What is the best way to do that?

and second one is physics, obviously. I can use '76 Vette physics, but still would love if someone helped me to adjust it. Basically the new body style reduced drag, and increased the air flow.
And would be very nice to have the '80 L82 and L48 engines.
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May 13 13 3:27 PM

The best way to unwrap? Well, thats probably one of the most complex and time consuming parts of creating a car for a computer game :) There's a unwrap tutorial in the tutorial section, so I suggest you starting there:

I used a simple object as example, but it's good for a start.

Regarding physics I'd wait until you finish all the 3D & texturing work. As far as i see there's a long way to go yet. But it's looking good so far :)


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