Jul 4 13 1:46 AM

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efnetsimracing continues to expand their "big race" schedule in 2013, with our second event in our first-ever Endurance Racing Championship, the 2.4 Hours of Daytona!  This race will also double as Round 1 of our upcoming Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car season.

The race will feature the popular league-modified "Grand-Am / NAGT" mod, that puts together the Grand Slam 2006 and NAGT sports car mods, along with a few of our own tweaks for competition balance.  This will be a 2.4 hour timed race (that's 144 minutes), run essentially the same as we ran LeMans to close out 2012. Unfortunately the race will be run entirely in the daylight, simply because the mod is quite hard on resources, and racing it at night with other cars around is damn near impossible.

Assuming we get enough drivers to DO 2-driver teams, there will be ONE mandatory driver change. A driver MUST complete a minimum of 30 minutes in the car, so in theory the driver starting need only do 30 minutes and the other driver can do the remaining two hours--though I would not recommend that. Tire and fuel is still being looked into, but suffice it to say you can count on at LEAST three pit stops for fuel if we can help it... So swapping drivers more than once may be part of your strategy. Starts will be rolling.

Qualifying for the race kicks off on Sunday, August 4th at 8:30 PM EST, so be sure to register now at www.efnetsimracing.com!


Bonus: The Vintage Roar Before the 2.4!

Friday night, August 2nd, using HistorX's HGT mod--it's RUN WATCHU BRUNG!

The rules are simple:

1) You can pick any car in the current v1.95 Historic GT & Touring Car mod, as LONG as it's something you've never raced before in official ESR competition!
2) You must post that car selection in the main thread on the forum. In the unlikely event that we end up with a giant amount of, say, fast GTC cars, and not a whole lot less, we may try to encourage a little more variety.
3) Admin reserves the right to re-order the grid prior to the race as he sees fit, entirely random if he wishes--and handicap weights may be used at will!

Other than that, show up, grab a beer and have some fun! Let loose before the big show on Sunday!