Aug 14 13 5:16 AM

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We quickly approach the third round of the first-ever 2013 Endurance Championship, with our second-annual Bathurst 1000!


efnetsimracing continues its string of epic annual Special Events, this time with a visit to the legendary Mt. Panorama Circuit at Bathurst, for the Labour Day 1000 Classic!

We'll be using the updated version of TCL, called "Touring Masters." This version (unfortunately) removes the AE86 Toyota, but (fortunately) cleans up the mod completely, gets rid of a lot of the bad glitches, and equalizes the vehicles in a sort of League Edition. While some cars still enjoy a small top speed advantage, they're usually relatively poor handling or braking (Mustang, Commodore), so it balances out and should be fun.

Register on the forum and reply in the Driver Classification Thread with your car selection. We would like to avoid double cars.  Drivers already competing in the Monday WTCC Series, of which this is a round of, must remain with their current cars.

Skins will be permitted, and will be compiled with the current WTCC series skins. Deadline for posting skins (in this thread) will be the Saturday before the race, August 31st.


The race will be 50 Laps, with 1x Tire and 1x Fuel. Most of the cars are in the 35-36 Lap range on fuel, so at least one stop for fuel will be required. Tire strategy will of course play a role, as you can switch from Hards to Mediums to Softs, so be sure to practice!

The cars can work with realfeel, but they weren't designed for it. The feel is a bit vague but the physics are great, the models are great and the sounds are awesome. They drive sideways pretty well.

Ford Mustang
Holden Commodore VL
Nissan Skyline R32
Toyota Supra Turbo
Ford Sierra RS500
Mercedes 190E
BMW E30 M3
BMW M635csi
Volvo 240 Turbo
Rover Vitesse
Alfa Romeo 155 Turbo

We'll be using ESR's patched version of ORSM's Bathurst 2006. This patch is to make the sand traps slightly less deadly, and is MANDATORY to participate! Downloads are posted in the race thread.

Spread the word--this is an Invitational, come one, come all, it should be a blast!