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Historic GT & Touring cars mod v1.96 is the last version available. It was released on January 3rd 2013.

Installation requirements

In order to install the mod you must have:
- GT Legends (DVD/CD version or the digital version purchased at www.SteamPowered.com or www.Raceroom.net)
- rFactor properly installed and activated
- No previous version of Historic GT & Touring cars mod installed

Please read the mod's manual before installing!! It contains very important and detailed information about the installation requirements/process, as well as details about how to configure the mod to get the best of it.

Download mirrors

v1.96 Full version (no patch for any previous version is available)

Torrent downloadRecommended download method. (A BitTorrent client like uTorrent is needed. Open the .torrent file with your Torrent client and the download will start)

- HTTP/FTP mirrors available:
DrivingItalia.net  (Thanks to Drivingitalia!)

(For more downloads -tracks, manuals, configs, etc- check other stickies on this same forum section!) - Check more about this mod also at Facebook!

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