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Jan 15 14 12:49 AM

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First of all id like to say this is a great mod as a long time fan of GTL this mod has taken it to the next level,
on RD we have used GTL for a number of years and think this will be a great replacement for our beloved GTL

But we seen to have a few issue's in testing the mod mainly online with a group of us were all experiencing the same problems all the cars we have tested so far overheat very quickly and engines are damaged on the line by a quick rev of the engine, i realise you cant sit there a rev it to death, but at the moment it seems to keen to destroy or damage the car,
are we doing something wrong, with a setting or should something be changed, really hoping it me and not a big problem, but with a number of guys having the same issue, i thought id better post , 
appart form that we love what you have done and hope to use this for our club events real soon

with thanks Rupe 
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Jun 14 14 4:57 PM


that has been answered quite a lot of times before. But anyway, putting it sort: it's the way these cars were created. You have to nurse your engines. If you push too hard for too long they will overheat. And yes, they can be blown up if revs are over the red line too much time or reach a high peak ;)


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