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Jan 15 14 12:20 PM

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Sorry looks like i posted this in the wrong section earlier,  hope this one is correct.

First of all id like to say this is a great mod as a long time fan of GTL this mod has taken it to the next level,

on RD we have used GTL for a number of years and think this will be a great replacement for our beloved GTL

But we seen to have a few issue's in testing the mod mainly online with a group of us were all experiencing the same problems all the cars we have tested so far overheat very quickly and engines are damaged on the start line for a race a quick rev of the engine, i realise you cant sit there a rev it to death, but at the moment it seems to keen to destroy or damage the car, some guys last 3 laps and the car overheats or engine blows up. We are used to GTL and do realise this is meant to be more realistic.  i have just used the default set up in a d/server do wee need to turn something down or
are we doing something wrong, with a setting or should something be changed, really hoping it me and not a big problem, but with a number of guys having the same issue, i thought id better post , 
appart form that we love what you have done and hope to use this for our club events real soon

with thanks Rupe image

and on another issues/suggestion a guy has asked why there is no pit speed limiter (because they did not have them in them days, but still would be nice to have it)
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Jan 15 14 7:55 PM

Rupe Wilson wrote:

and on another issues/suggestion a guy has asked why there is no pit speed limiter (because they did not have them in them days, but still would be nice to have it)

In those days?  HistorX covers the 2004, 2005 and 2006 FIA Historic championships.  

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Jan 16 14 1:51 PM

i do realise this, and this sim is truly a great experience to drive.
And after many laps your throttle control and gear selection is crucial combined with driving technique.
im all for realism and this sim/mod gives it.
as i said im used to gtl so you can understand there is a big step in driving technique to learn here.
but at times its almost to sensitive to it.
i know some of our drivers will struggle allot we already have a gentleman's driving club with the way we drive in gtl , no contact in passing not wanting to even scratch the cars.
we don't do touring car style racing in our club,

But i will be the first to admit we are struggling with this sim in keeping the all in check to finish a race..
and still stand by my question about it being a bit to sensitive at times. especially when in a race,
i have read and seen the other post about the relation to the rev limiters in the previous versions,
So i am aware of this. and have seen the specs for the cars in the manual
maybe we just need allot more practice.. but this may be at the expense of our lesser drivers finding it to hard to race which we dont want..
please note im not knocking the sim i love it, but we have to be able to race and all enjoy the experience.

thanks for any input Rupe

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Jan 23 14 12:22 PM

Hi there!

well, you've already read other threads about engine life, rev limits, etc. We haven't changed that for 1.96 (as far as I recall) so as in previous versions you'll really need to nurse the engine. I'm not the one in charge of physics, so I don't have first hand information to tell you how close that is to the real thing (despite I think for racing cars this should be pretty close). But I can tell you that it's made on purpose and that we've done hundreds (if not thousands) of testing laps and that the car should last a race if you drive it "properly", don't miss gears, etc.I can tall you that during testing some of the drivers had bigger problems than others to manage this. Some were able to reach the finish line without problem while others with a more aggressive driving style sometimes couldn't even do one lap.. In the end it added a cool strategic/long term vision component to the race:)

And MiniCooper: you don't only have the Historic FIA 2004-2006 cars here, but also their original counterparts from the 60s-70s

About the pit limiter: yes, you don't have it because they didn't have it back in the day. I'm afraid you'll have to keep an eye on the speedo :)


Ps. I've moved this thread to the Physics section for obvious reasons.. No big deal anyway :)

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