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Jan 24 14 4:04 PM

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I've been posting at Facebook about this while waiting my forum registration. I have 2 problems with my interface. The first is that the buttons blink, not when they're idle but when I click on them. They kind of blink and zip to a half inch away, it's a weird one to explain but it's most likely related to my second problem which is why I'm telling you about it. The second problem is my button I press (the white helmet) to race keeps disappearing. I was exiting the game to fix it but I figured out that if I click on the "join" button for multiplayer and go back it will sometimes fix it.
I have tried the alternate ui, same issue. I run Windows XP 32 bit in fullscreen at 1280x1024. I read the manual several times, I promise and can't seem to fix it. I have an older computer with a nvidia 7800 gt card and have tried swapping drivers with no success. Thanks for your time, it's appreciated. 
 The mod is awesome and I just wanted say thanks for everyone who put their time into it.
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Jan 29 14 10:30 AM

Hi again Sonny,

I've been thinking about this issue these days and frankly I can't say I have a clue about what is happening there. I think I saw something similar to that at some point while I was developing the UI back in the day, but the interface never stopped doing its job, even if the button blinked .

To me it doesn't seem to be related to that 7800GT, but who knows? If the GPU were the problem i guess you would have glitches somewhere else.

Even if the button disappears (its image, i mean) the button action should remain available in that spot of the screen, so even if you click there while not seeing any button the action ("jump to race") should be triggered.

Far from being the best, but I guess that if you can't play like this the best would be removing the custom UI and use rFactor's stock one. You'll lose not only the eye candy but the functionality additions we added to it (which are specially important when it comes to select your opponents) but I can't see a way of fixing your problem at this point.



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