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Feb 7 14 2:58 PM

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first thanks for this great mod i'm loving it image now i have some skinning questions about the AMC Javelin​
  1. i'm trying to put a banner on the front window but no matter what i do it doesn't appear ingame, i've done 100 of skins in manny games including rF and i never had a problem so i'm guessing i'm doing something wrong so can you help me with that ?
  2. i've notice that in some default Javelin the cockpit side doors and dashboard is black intead of mine being in a tint of blue so i was wondering if it's possible to make those parts the color we want and how ?
  3. the color of the wheels, again some of the default cars use a black rim so again i was wondering if its possible to make them any color we want and how ?
  4. in some default cars the front spoiler doesn't have the part with the rivet so i'm wondering if its possible to get ride of it and how ?
  5. the chrome parts around the windows is it possible to make them a different color and if yes how ?
  6. the headlight, is it possible to put some cover on them and if yes how ?
  7. thanks for any help in advance.  
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Feb 13 14 1:25 PM

Hi strongy,

first of all sorry for the delay in the answer.

I can't tell you the specifics as I didn't do the template for this car. But as far as I remember the templates of many of the big TransAm cars were created in a (let's say) way that makes it tricky to paint them (just because the creator doesn't paint cars so he doesn't really know how they should be in order to make life easy for skin painters).

For questions 2, 3 and 4 you may find the answer taking a look to how genstring is defined in the .veh file of these Javelins. I don't have an example of this car on this computer, but I got one for the Mustang Boss:



GenString=15111111 // Used to generate GMT names in *.gen file

///***********GENSTRING INFO:***********

//FIRST DIGIT: Headlights style (Hlglo's)
//SECOND DIGIT:Chassis type , 1=429 street 2=302 street 3=429 race 4 =302 race
// 5=302+side air intakes street 6=302+side air intakes Race
//THIRD DIGIT: Cockpit type 1=deluxe cockpit , 2=standard cockpit 3=race cockpit
//FOUR DIGIT:wheels 1 & 3 = street , 2= race slicks
//FIVE DIGIT: steering wheel
//SIX DIGIT:rear window cover 1=yes 2=no
//SEVEN DIGIT:front spoiler 1=yes 2=no
//EIGHT DIGIT:rear wing 1=yes 2=no

About 1: Without having the files for the Javelin I'm not sure if the windshield is paintable right now.
About 5. Yes, but that would change that color for all the cars, as chromed parts are usually shared (all liveries shared the same texture). If that is not a problem just find the texture containing the chromed elements and locate them.
About 6. Again: I'm not sure if you can customize the headlights for the Javelin (I think we created this car without headlights, and added a cover texture instead). May be not.



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