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Feb 9 14 3:01 AM

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 Not sure in which section should I post this, I've always been disoriented by forums :P. Anyway, I know there's an explanation in the Readme on how to add new car skins to the mod (which is useful to logically deduce what should you change in order to add a totally new car to the game... Let's say a Lotus Europa), but I had the mod recognize the car, at least it shows in the car selection menu (never finishes loading, so I press ESC, and then I got the car selected but not rendered in the garage). If I press play, bang!!! Crash!
Would you be kind Historx Team, as to explain to me, like if I was a 5 year old boy, how to do this? Unless of course, you don't want us to add cars to the mod, but it would be really awesome to add the Europa and other cars, it fills up the mod a little bit more (not that it is incomplete in any way, I adore this mod). With full details on how, what and which files should I change in order to incorporate the car to the mod; English is not my native language and I get somewhat lost in the explanation of the Readme to do this by myself. 
Thank you very much in advance... Cheers from Argentina
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Feb 13 14 1:07 PM

Hi anselmito.

well, I'm not sure how used you're to add cars to a mod. Generally speaking is not a difficult task, but it varies depending on how the "destination mod" (in this case HGT&TC) and the origin mod (that "Lotus Europa" mod) are defined. That's why to do a document explaining this process is not that easy. And also that kind of thing is probably out of the scope of the work we do in the team.

Anyway, probably the problem is that you left behind files needed to load the Lotus Europa correctly. For example sounds, but also trickier files, like those which may be shared with other cars (usually a multicar mod shares certain elements among all the cars in order to save disk space, RAM, etc). The thing is that first of all you'll need to know all the files needed by the Europa to be loaded correctly. Then you need to move that to the HGT&TC installation, and place them in the correct place. And then you'll have to configure the .veh (and may be other configuration files) of the Europa in order to make it work correctly on HGT&TC.

So, as you see this process requires a certain amount of modding knowledge. Keep an eye on the error messages that you get when loading the car (is also good to check the rFactor log in order to see where the problem could be).


Ps. Had to move your thread to the correct section, but it's no problem :)

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