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Feb 28 14 12:15 AM

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Hi guys,
Well we tested for a while now and our dedicated guys at are ready to move on form gtl to historX.
but it seems as we try to install onto the server we run into a problem, we have uploaded the mod onto the server and as soon as we try to install we run into problems
our rfactor 1 install is not registered and it seems this might cause an issue as histrorX will not install

we have a message that comes up when we run the first part of the installer
Windows cannot open this program because the licence enforcement system has been tampered with or become corrupted

we have downloaded the mod onto the server and cant work out if the download is wrong or corrupt or we have another issue, 

please advise with thanks Rupe RD

ended up installing it up to the server form my own machine.. all is good now

Now we race

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