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Jun 20 14 4:19 PM

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Hi Rantam...

I have a original copy of rFactor installed in drive D\Giochi (x86)\rfactor and GT Legends original game (cd version) in drive D\Giochi (x86)\GT Legends too, but I decide to download rFactor original light game v.1255c_lite and follow the manual instruction for install a new standalone version of game, in another directory and with a different name.

At the end of installation in drive D I have this path... D:\Giochi (x86)\Historic GT & Touring Cars.
In this directory there is a Historic GT v.1.96 rfactor Mod.

Follow the manual instruction again I imported in the mod my Userdata profile and Userdata controller from original rFactor game.
After this I delete all .cch files from Userdata (my) profile, then open config.ini and correct path for the gamedata location situated in original rFactor game.
Have cancelled all GameData\Sound folder, except the HistoricGT folder too.

At this point I execute rF Config and setting italian languages and 5760x1080 graphic resoution for my 3 monitor configuration (ATI Eyefinity System) and I also modified the control.ini file (for steering wheel range, steeering wheel speed ratio and FFB) and myprofile.PLR. 

Finally I have setting a G27 mod profile in the Logitech Profiler software and launched a game but... the game start with a rFactor default startup screen and I do not see any trace of MOD!
What could have happened?
I have followed carefully and scrupulously all the manual instructions but instead of mod there is a rfactor with All Tracks and Vehicles and SR Gran Prix Season series only!

There is a solution to this problem?

I await news and many thanks for your reply!

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