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Jul 20 14 6:39 PM

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When this mod was first released the Elan became my favourite car, but since the grip was reduced this car has become very hard to control. When I brake, it suddenly veers sideways. I've tried moving the brake bias forwards and that helps, but it then becomes very easy to lock the front wheels.

Would someone mind double checking this car in case a mistake was missed? Other cars are fine when braking so I don't think my braking technique is causing the problem. If all is correct I would appreciate some further setup advice.

Edit: My wheel is a G27 and I'm using the default set of upgrades, with RealFeel and LeoFFB.

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Jul 29 14 12:50 PM

I just went for a quick drive on the Elan and I will admit the car has a lot of tendency to oversteer at turn-in, but I had none of the braking issues you're mentioning.

Are you sure your FF is correctly set up? I don't know what LeoFFB settings do you have, but we only used RealFeel (which in its latest iterations, uses the "parking lot" FF from Leo FFB apparently, but it shouldn't affect the driving) when developing the car.

I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that the issue must be at your end. Please review FF settings, controller settings and that you have the latest v1.96 correctly installed.

Don't hesitate to get back to us if the problem persists =)

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Jul 31 14 2:57 PM

Thanks for looking into it. I had both FFB plugins installed because they both came with the 1.9x download. For a while I just used LeoFFB. I've gone back to using RealFeel exclusively and the car seems more stable now. It's strange the the other cars weren't affected. Chaos theory might explain it but I can't be doing with that.

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