Nov 11 14 4:03 PM

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Hi guy's,

i'm in the process of planning a league with the mod and we want to use default skins (cars) and custom skins and we want to create a new category (car) in the menu but i,m having a problem with the default skins (cars). Here's how i was trying to do it first i created a new folder called RDHPC (name of the league) in GameData/Vehicles/HISTORIC GT/HISTORICAL FIA GT/GTC-TC-76/porsche911/
then i've put the costum skins in the RDHPC folder and in the .VEH files of the skins i changed the Category for RDHPC and all works fine, when i start the game and goes in the car selection menu the new category (car) is there with all in the skins in it. then i copy and paste the default skins (cars) in the RDHPC folder and change the category in the .VEH to RDHPC but when i do that the skins (cars) now appears under the RDHPC category but they are no longer in the Porsche 911 RSR 3.0 '75 section and some of the Skins (cars) simply doesn't appear in the RDHPC category.

is there a way to duplicate the default skins (cars) and put them in the new category and that they would still appear in their original category at the same time ? 


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