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Feb 15 15 7:10 PM

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So i want to add some cars i found on different websites. I found a Alfa Romeo TZ2 that i want to race in GTC-65 with. How do i add it? Do i install the vehicle in the correct Historix GTC-65 folder and edit the .veh to make it show up in the correct class?

Cause that didn't work for me :(

Any ideas?
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Feb 23 15 11:13 AM

We suggest you to take a look to mod's manual pag. 39. That will give you information about how to add a new standalone car (based in a car which is already in the mod).

Of course you're trying to do something more complex, but apart of adding also its sounds and physics it shouldn't be much different. Pay special attention defining "Category", "FullTeamName", "Classes" and "Description" fields within .veh file.

Won't do any harm to check the file structure of a Historic GT&TC car. Check the Austin Healey, for example.


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