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Apr 2 15 1:52 PM

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Hey guys,

I sent a message some days ago via facebook, but it's still listed as unread, so I hope it's okay to make this thread.
I'm currently learning the whole process of sound modding for Assetto Corsa with FMOD and already made some stuff.
My issue is, that I'm not able to properly build and collect samples. Since the HistorX mod has some of the best samples in any gMotor sims,
I wanted to ask if I can get a permission to use your wonderful work in some of the projects I'm working on.

I'd guarantee full credit for the samples to the HistorX team and NOT share them as "my own".

Of course, I would understand it, if you guys say no, but my appreciation would be endless if you allow me to use them!
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Apr 6 15 5:57 PM

Hi GTAce,

sorry for the late answer. In order to get such permission you should get an answer directly from Wolferl (our sounds guy). Our permissions policy has, among other rules, that each one of the guys involved in the development of the asset must agree about it. Sadly he's been very busy with real life stuff and hasn't answered to your request.

I'd suggest you to try to get your own sounds in the meantime. Wolferl got most of his sounds from online videos (YouTube, etc), sounds libraries, etc. Just a few were recorded by himself. I've created some sounds by myself also and I totally understand what you're saying... for me the hardest part is finding proper sounds. The rest of the process, no matter the source of the sounds, is always the same. So once you learn how it works it won't be that hard..  ;) You may use our sounds to learn how this process works, but I'm afraid without direct answer from Wolferl you can't release them, even giving full credit to him/us. Sorry mate..

Best regards

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Apr 6 15 6:05 PM

Thanks a lot for the reply! No worries, I won't use them without any authorization. I'll just wait a little longer and try some other stuff in the meantime. :)
No need to apologize or anything, I respect that fully!

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