Jan 25 17 2:42 AM

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I really like your original Mod for rFactor but have moved on since newer and Dare i Say , better Sims have arrived and would really like to continue driving these beautiful machines in rFactor 2 .
I know you've probably already answered this but i cant find anywhere why there isnt an official updated version of your Mod . All i can find is unauthorised versions and you Guys posting comments that they never ask permission but you never seem to share if you will or will not bring Historic X to Rfactor 2 or even Assetto Corsa ?
People love driving these old Gems but i think , like me have moved on from rF so some people have figured out how to convert YOUR product into AC and AMS and you can't be happy about it but seem to not be going to do it yourself .
I know it isnt right for people to do it but thats the nature of Humans and probably alsways will . If you update or even do as other (companies ) do and charge for your awesome work why havent you released something new ? Then there would be no need for people to "rip" your work!
I know there must be a answer to this but i just havent seen it .