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Jun 21 07 12:52 PM

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What series will be covered by this mod?
Historic FIA series from 2004 to 2006 seasons but also the original versions. Trans-Am cars. Le Mans. Targa Florio, etc.

How many cars are included?
In v1.9 there are 750 liveries, based on almost cars. This number will be increased with future updates.

Is this mod a conversion of Simbin's GT Legends
Yes and no. We've converted GTL's models, but we're creating the rest of the mod from scratch: physics, sounds, skins, etc. Anyway, we're adding our own models (as the Ferrari 365 Daytona and some others).

Is this mod illegal?
Well, It isn't, as it hasn't been released yet We're working hard to do it legal before to be released. We're trying to contact Simbin to inform them about our project. But we're developing our own tools to assure the mod is used on a good way (see next question for further details).

Do I need to own GT Legends to install the mod?
Yes. As we have the biggest respect for Simbin's work and we want to do things well, the installer of the mod will include a check of the GTL DVD. If you are worried about Starforce, don't worry. The mod only checks the DVD during the installation process, but starforce is not installed. So If you don't have GTL you should get one before it's out of stock!

What's the meaning of doing this mod if GTL already exist?
Well, despite we all love GTL we know that GTL is not perfect. It has things that could be improved. It's mainly about physics, but sounds and other things needed an improvement and we're working on that too. That's the first reason to create this mod.

Another one is that we're adding much more content that is not included in GTL. And even we're working in the following mod patches to increase that stuff even more.

There're many other reasons, as the great rFactor netcode, the amount of tracks available for it, its huge and active online community, how easy is to mod using rF, etc.

Has this mod any relationship with 'Historic FIA GT' and 'Leyendas 76' mods?
Yes, their creators are part of our team. But this mod represents a big step forward, so you can consider these mods as 'very, very early betas'. Check the Mod info thread to see its main features.

Are the physics of this mod realistic or not?
We're trying to get the most realistic physics possible, but keeping in mind that simracing games physics engines have limitations. So we can't just import data of these cars and pretend that they will handle as they do in real life.

We have a dedicated team of guys working on physics with a deep knowledge of these cars, as well as rF's and real cars physics.

But to assure the maximum fidelity we have some betatesters who drive (even on racing conditions as Historical races) or own some of the real counterparts of these cars. We are not considering a car finished until we get the 'green light' from these betatester/s.

Has this mod been released?
Yes. v1.0 was release at the end of June 2008.

What's the current state of the development?
We're working on patch 1.02. It will include many fixes and improvements. Not sure yet if it will include new content.

May i use some of the stuff included on the mod for my own projects?

Well, first of all you have to note that there're some things created by us, but there're some others (like some models and textures) that were originally made by Simbin for GTL.

As you may understand we can't give you permission to use these Simbin's files, as we didn't create them. The fact that we converted them doesn't make us the owners of that content.

If you want to use some of the scratch made material included in the mod first of all you must ask permission to use it.

Usually we don't have problems to let others use our stuff, but keep in mind that there isn't a team politic about permissions, as each team member is free to decide about the material he created.
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