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#21 [url]

May 31 10 10:58 AM

It's been a pleasure and a good practice, thanks for the opportunity to give at least something back to you guys.

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Dec 22 11 12:10 PM

Spanish translate Manual section - Ajustes del volante

A bit for spanish people.

Poner los ajustes del volante en windows así:
Respecto a los grados usados si ponéis menos de 900º luego tenéis que tenerlo en cuenta.

Ahora toca editar el controler.ini ubicado en [rutajuego]\userdata\[tu perfil]\
Poner los siguientes valores
Steering Wheel Range="900" <-- o los grados que hayamos puesto nosotros.
Steer Ratio Speed="0.00000"

Ahora ir a buscar el siguiente fichero: [rutajuego]\HistoricGT_misc\G25_FF_Controller.txt (hay para otros volantes) y copiar el contenido. Siguiente paso es abrir nuestro fichero [rutajuego]\userdata\[tu perfil]\[tu perfil].PLR y establecer los siguientes valores:
Auto Lift="0" // Whether to automatically lift with manual shifting but auto-clutch (non-semiautomatic trans only)
Auto Blip="0" // Whether to automatically blip with manual shifting but auto-clutch (non-semiautomatic trans only)
Low Detail UI="0"
Luego dentro del juego escoger los efectos del volante a "bajo o medio según la pista es lo recomendable" y -100 en la fueza del FFB. En el apartado Controler1 poner todos los valores a 50%

Mejoras a comprar:

Las del FFB, usa el "100% RealFeel" <-- Esto es muy importante, luego esto se puede calibrar cada coche con las teclas del realfeel CTRL+nums del panel derecho del teclado ya en la pista.
Las del cambio...

“Heel and Toe”: Si usas los 3 pedales, este es el modo más real y sino cambias cuando lo has de hacer el % de vida motor baja brutalmente, usa el plugin Grinding Tranny. Si usas la ayuda del embrague te penaliza.

“Heel and Toe (No mis-shift)”: Si usas los 3 pedales, este es un modo más arcade y fácil, no usa el plugin GrindingTrain por tanto tenemos que ir a [rutajuego]\Plugins\GrindingTranny.ini. y poner el valor de PluginActive=0. Si usas la ayuda del embrague te penaliza.

“2 pedals/Sequential Throttle lift”:. Usa esta ayuda si no usas el embrague para conducir ya sea con "levas" o con "cambio en H". Recuerda que deberás soltar gas cuando subas de marcha para no comerte la vida del motor. Deberias usar la ayuda del autoembrague. Como no usa el plugin GrindingTrain por tanto tenemos que ir a [rutajuego]\Plugins\GrindingTranny.ini. y poner el valor de PluginActive=0.

SOBRE EL Grinding Tranny:
Para que funcione el grinding tranny correctamente tenéis que tener:
En los ficheros controller.ini / [tu perfil].plr deberás tener "Gear Select Button Hold" habilitado/1, and "Auto Clutch", "Auto Blip", and "Auto Lift" deshabilitado/0. <-- esto explicado un poco más arriba
También has de tener asignada una tecla para la marcha neutra y las de subir marcha y bajar marcha SIN NINGUNA TECLA ASOCIADA.

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#30 [url]

Dec 23 11 9:21 PM

Hello !
Old Drivers Spirit is currently translating the manual in french !

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#31 [url]

Feb 18 12 6:17 PM

Thanks for these manuals, they are a treat to read and have helped me in getting even more fun out of this mod than I was already getting.

One question though, and this has been driving me completely nuts, wasn't there some section in which the gen strings were explained for skinning cars and picking the right options? For the life of me I'm unable to find those and would love that info very much.

Keep up the good work fellows, and thanks again for this.


Member of the Giant Pixel Racing Team.

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Posts: 2,089 Models manager

#32 [url]

Feb 18 12 9:38 PM

you can see the genstring documentation inside the .veh files of each car.

but is very possible that in some cases it could be not correct, if you have any kind of problems dont hesitate to ask here and we will try to help you.


you can't touch neither my wife nor my .gmts

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#33 [url]

Feb 18 12 9:58 PM

First off: thanks for the quick reply. If only companies whose software I actually paid for would answer me this quickly!

What I'm trying to do is create 'my' Vette in this mod. Since the 08 car seems the be what comes closest to my all time favorite Vette, the Grand Sport, I chose that one as a base car.

The honey-wire (I think they are called) rims, however, are not really my style, so I was hoping to have a bit of choice with gen string options, since the car falls in a category of cars that have several types of rims.

Which is why I asked for the overview, and like I stated I'm almost 101% certain I've seen something like that, with pictures of the different options. Just can't seem to find it anywhere anymore.

Thanks again for your time.


Member of the Giant Pixel Racing Team.

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Posts: 9,592 Site Admin

#40 [url]

Mar 5 13 1:45 PM

Please set a key for "Neutral gear". If you don't do it the Grinding Tranny mod will provoke that. You can also remove the Grinding tranny mod plugin from the plugin folder. Hope that will help :)


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