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Jun 25 08 8:21 PM

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I'm trying to install into rFactor (not standalone) and I get a message

"Failure to open file for writing" Program files/rfactor/gamedata/helmets/historic gt/ad ve**********

I have the GTL disc in the drive.
And I'm using Vista.

Any ideas?
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Jun 26 08 8:34 AM

You mean this error, right?


To solve it please run the mod installer as administrator

Other users had that problem and solved it:

Hypertek wrote:
hey guys i solved my problem for installing with vista x65 sp1.. dunno if other vista is the same.. but I had to run as administrator .. it is installing now into a fresh copy of rfactor *since i upgraded to vista*.. gonna have a few hours of downloading my favorite tracks and tweaking out before i can sit down =p

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